28 October 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Mette-Marit, 16-22 October

Here's what Mette-Marit wore from 16-22 October:

  1. Visiting Hedmark, 18 October, in boots (a) and then jeans for a bike ride (b). And then tripling up on outerwear (c) - the things a girl's got to do to get the cute guy's coat, I tell ya.
  2. Attending a seminar on psychic wellness in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attack, 19 October. Couldn't really tell from other photos if she was attending this in her "royal" capacity or her "perpetual student" capacity. Hot outfit for a student, not so much for the royal bit though.
Last night (27 October), Mette-Marit was supposed to attend the annual gala for the Stortinget (Parliament), and I got myself all excited for a new tiara appearance. But she didn't show - BOOHOO - something about a sick kid or multiple sick kids. And so we were left with lone Sonja and her strange gowns:
Really, in the spectrum of all Sonja fashion, this is pretty harmless, even if I don't understand the need for two skirts. Most of us make do with one, Your Maj. Anyways, she did bust out Queen Maud's Pearl Tiara in its largest setting, so that will have to serve as my consolation.

Photos: Ostlendingen/Siste/Svenskdam/Lehtikuva/API