07 October 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Victoria, 25 September-1 October

Here's what Victoria wore from 25 September-1 October:

  1. Meeting with the Arctic Council working group, 27 September.
  2. a) Attending the opening of the General Synod, 27 September. The Crown Princess seems to have been hit in the head with a giant flying penguin. The Crown Princess would prefer you not mention it (b). I do hope there were no casualties.
  3. Opening a children's culture center, 28 September. I suppose if you're going to go the tent dress route, you might as well get one with a big ol' arrow pointing towards the culprit of your tentish ways.
  4. At a charity dinner, 28 September. Well, hello there baby bump! Nice to finally meet you properly.
  5. Visiting a cancer center in Stockholm, 30 September. In the context, I can't help but think this looks like a hospital gown.
Photos: Kungahuset/Purepeople/Abaca/Svenskdam/Finest.se/Lehtikuva