04 October 2011

Week in Review: Princess Charlene, 25 September - 1 October

Here's what Charlene wore from 25 September - 1 October:

  1. a) and b) Hosting a lunch to celebrate Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day, on 24 September (I think...wrong week, oh well). Yeah...I'm gonna have to give this an "OH HONEY NO." I think every time Char pops up somebody calls her out for not dressing her swimmer's body right, and this time it's me. A tube top? Oh, honey. With trousers so flared they might be relics from a decade gone by? Oh, honey....no.
  2. Attending mass for Saint Michel Day in La Turbie, France, 29 September. And I don't even know that the jacket helps. Because now I want to call it out for being an old lady outfit, but I know - I know - that there is a tube top under there. Man, I guess I really don't like this outfit. Don't know what it did to offend me so, but there you go.
Photos: Eric Mathos/Palais Princier/Gala/Special Olympics/Realis/Visit Monaco/PurePeople/BestImage