11 October 2011

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 2-8 October

Here's what Máxima wore from 2-8 October:

1. Opening the new trading floor of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, 3 October. The poof on the skirt sort of looks like it was desperate to escape the straight jacket above.
2. a) Opening the Brazil Festival in Amsterdam, 3 October, b) in blindingly shiny Halson Heritage. Basically, since her sister-in-law has a lock on the saggy torpedo boob category, Máx here decided to shore up the "locked and loaded" torpedo boob category. I think I'm going to get Princess M. a mirror for Christmas this year, you guys want to chip in?
3. Attending the MBO Gala, 4 October.
4. Opening the TERI research institute, 5 October.
5. Opening the new council of state's offices, 5 October. Now this is lovely, I'm liking all the different textures, and the A+ reuse of last year's Prinsjesdag hat.
6. In Rome to open a Mondrian exhibit, 6 October. Another day, another reused Prinsjesdag hat...I suppose if you're going to wear your Indiana Jones hat anywhere, it might as well be to a museum. But I can't help but think a Mondrian exhibition would have been the place for #3 up there.
7. Opening the Exodus House, 7 October, a) with and b) without wrap.
8. At the 40th anniversary celebration of the Introdans company, 7 October. Oh yes, I do love this repeated Alessandra Rich gown. It could be very Morticia on anyone else, but with that personality and that giant jewelry, it's just chic. (I am of course ignoring the hair, as I usually attempt to do.)

She's such a worker bee, our Máxima. She deserves some praise, so just in case you can't find anything worth loving above, feast your eyes on the ring from #5 (worn with matching earrings, natch):

Photos: Purepeople/Abaca/PPE/van Katwijk/Nieboer