19 November 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: National Day in Monaco

Well friends, the day of reckoning has arrived, in which we begin to sort out what kind of National Day Princess Charlene will lead. And the results...are a mixed bag. So, business as usual for the Monaco bunch, basically. To the awards!

Worst of the Mixed Bag
Princess Charlene
Straight out of the gate, Charlene was an early favorite for the best dressed lady of the day. Yes, it's beige, and it's nonhatted. But it borders on a fierce level of chic with the cape (yay!) and the long gloves (YAY!) and just the right amount of textural contrast to the skirt. Plus, the hair and makeup are perfection - Her Serene Highness was glowing. So how on earth did she end up with a "Worst" award? Because the night came...
...and THIS happened. CHAR. Sweetie. It's like a Juicy Couture sweatsuit on evening duty. But the thing is, I'd be prepared to take the fabric and the single sleeve shenanigans if we could get a proper color up in here (you could call this "mink", I suppose; I'll go with "barn mouse") and a makeup and hair combo that didn't wash her out all alien-like. And you know, you know, I'd forgive every single above sin if she would've gone the tiara route. But she didn't, and my hopes have been forever dashed.

Best and Also Worst Because I'm Sad
Princess Caroline
Put Charlene and Caroline together and I think you've got one of the least formal, least blinged-out National Day galas in quite some time. Le sigh. I give up. In other news, Caroline's looking notably lovely - my irrational disappointment aside, she really did look younger than she's looked in a while.

Most in Need of a Switcheroo
Princess Caroline and Charlotte Casiraghi
As a matter of fact, she looked so young I'm gonna throw something out there: I think she and her daughter got their outfits mixed up. Caroline's day outfit, with a hat so very reminiscent of the one Charlotte wore to Albert's coronation, could use a dose of Charlotte's youthful irreverence, while Charlotte looks like she's been caught playing dress up in her mom's business suits. I like them both, I'm just saying: maybe we've got a Freaky Friday situation on our hands.

Best Expression
Princess Alexandra
I like this kid, and her wee polka dot tights. I like to think that expression says, "I'm in on the joke, and you're not." And clearly she's right!

Best Streak
Princess Stephanie
I don't know, guys. She was pretty good at the big wedding, and now I'm really liking her demure take on National Day. Here's hoping she keeps up the streak, as entertaining as her foibles can be.

Most Dependable
Prince Albert, Andrea Casiraghi, Pierre Casiraghi
Whether you're disappointed in the ladies or not, you can always turn to the men for a solid sartorial appearance, right? Right.

What did you make of family's National Day appearances?

Photos: Getty Images/Reuters/Daylife/PLS Pool/Zimbio