18 November 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Victoria, 6-12 November

Here's what Victoria wore from 6-12 November:

  1. a) Day 1 of a visit to Västernorrland, 7 November. These past few weeks have made it clear that we may need something besides the clothes to talk about (I know! The horror!) at least until the babe arrives. Thus I present Cute Picture 1b, a little wheelchair lovin' at the wheelchair factory, and Cute Picture 1c, bubbles. Just because.
  2. a) Day 2, 8 November, with baby on board, and b) with a hammer. Said Daniel: "We are a modern family. I hold the bag while she holds the hammer." Gotta love that, right?
Photos: Purepeople/Abaca/Svenskdam/Lehtikuva