24 November 2011

Week in Review: Princess Mathilde, 13-19 November

Here's what Mathilde wore from 13-19 November:

  1. Celebrating King's Day in Brussels, 15 November. I'm not even going to try and play like I'm pondering it: I LOVE the leopard. So help me, I do. It takes a lot to make an animal print classy and not trashy, and she's pulling it off with the assistance of those gray accessories. J'adore.
  2. More celebrations at Parliament, 15 November. This, on the other hand...not so much. Too. Much. Fringe.
  3. a and b) Visiting the province of Luxembourg, 16 November in a colorblocked coat which is lovely, but Princess Claire did it better (see below).
  4. a and b) Visiting a literacy project, 17 November.
  5. Launching the "Week of Reading Aloud", 18 November, in a combo that I disliked so much I think I ended up coming around to the other side and now find it oddly enjoyable.
King's Day is a family affair (except not for the actual King and Queen), and Princess Astrid is the only other one that hatted up, in her upturned mixing bowl with the Hello Kitty bow stuck on front. That eternal rebel Queen Fabiola went without (can't be messing up the hair, man)...
...as did Princess Claire, who seems now to be back in royal action with her errant hubby, Prince Laurent. In the realm of colorblocking, both Claire and Mathilde picked outfits that seem to be aiming for that young mod look, and Claire (who looks like she's 15 anyway) is just a better fit.

Photos: Zimbio/Getty Images/PPE/Nieboer/Belga