02 November 2011

Week in Review: Princess Mathilde, 23-29 October

Here's what Mathilde wore from 23-29 October:

  1. Continuing the economic mission to China, day 3, 23 October, with a sort of a giant sweater coat (a) over a printed Natan dress (b - you know, it's 98% Natan, I don't even bother pointing it out these days).
  2. Day 4, 24 October, in a coat with orange accents (a) over an orange dress (b). The coat is especially cute here, and I'm really really happy she didn't opt for a pair of her favorite orange pumps.
  3. An evening reception on day 4, 24 October, after which she departed the China trip to go home for Elisabeth's 10th birthday (her husband stayed on).
  4. Attending an autumn concert at the Royal Palace in Brussels, 28 October. Some bad prom hair there, with those odd curls at the front, but at least she goes for the updo, right?!
The concert was a family affair, with Paola and Fabiola looking their usual classy selves and Princess Astrid...well, you know, she's apparently going to run the New York City Marathon with her husband and son Amadeo, and that's impressive enough to shut my couch-sitting wine-drinking self up about a shiny sea creature coat or two.

UPDATE: Mathilde also attended a working lunch with a group of female entrepreneurs on October 27th.

Photos: Nieuwsblad/HLN/Purepeople/Abaca/APAPictureDesk