09 November 2011

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 30 October-5 November

Here's what Máxima wore from 30 October-5 November:

1. Continuing the visit to the Dutch Caribbean in Bonaire, 31 October. Favorite outfit of the trip.
2. In Curacao, 1 November. Another visor hat!
3. Another Curacao outfit, 1 November. The return of the first visor hat! Woe is the top of her head, in the Caribbean sun. I do think the suit itself has potential, though. Get some non-Natan heels and a chignon up in there and we'd be in business.
4. Evening outfit, 1 November. I can't be objective when so many pics show this one needing another inch or two at the hem. As is, she's going to have to clasp her hands in front and swing that skirt like the bell it is to win my affections.
5. Second day in Curacao, 2 November.
6. Evening outfit, 2 November.

7. Moving on to St. Maarten, 3 November. Yeah, I would have been fine if we could have had just this red hat only, and not this red dress at all.
8. Another St. Maarten outfit, 3 November. Jewelry aside, this is another favorite look: simple but bright and cheery!
9. Evening outfit, 3 November. It's...a toga?
10. Visiting St. Eustatius, 4 November.
11. Visiting Saba, 5 November. Probably shouldn't like the repeated painting dress...but I do! Go figure.

Accessory and hair glimpses:
A bit dicey, this trip. Apart from her tiara appearances, Máxima is always at her best when she's on these pre-planned excursions - as opposed to her daily grind - but I'm still feeling a little let down. I shall seek consolation in the sapphires.

Photos: PPE/Nieboer/Dutch Photo Press