11 December 2011

New Top 15 List: Readers' Favorite Tiaras

Remember when I asked you that ever so important question, what's your favorite tiara? Yeah, it was a while ago.

Here's what I did with your answers: I tallied everything up, all your comments and likes (more than 400 comments - see, this is why we're friends), plus your emails and tweets. And I made a list which, fun fact, included more than 140 different tiaras when all was said and done. I usually do Top 10 lists, but this one had to be a Top 15 list, that much was clear when the results rolled in.

And so, on Monday, we begin our new countdown, like a sparkly little holiday present and maybe just maybe a humble thank you for stopping by to see what I'm nattering on about each day: Readers' Top 15 Tiaras, from 15 to 1, as dictated by my totally unscientific poll.

Some of your favorites have been covered here before, but we have plenty of new tiaras to gaze upon, and I'm dragging it out for two weeks.

The countdown begins Monday! I will keep a running list on this post as the entries go up, and it will be linked on the sidebar under Recent Events, just in case you lose your place. Get your sunglasses ready...

Psst: these entries will replace Wedding Wednesday/Tiara Thursday/Flashback Friday until the list is complete.

The List: Readers' Top 15 Tiaras