24 December 2011

Top 15: Readers' Favorite Tiaras

 I asked, you answered. Here are your Top 15 Favorite Tiaras:



A little bit about the results: with 140+ tiaras suggested, the field was very wide and the votes were spread all over. Some made the list because they're just well-known overall, and others are a testament to the power of people reading and participating in the comment discussion, like Queen Victoria's Sapphire Coronet. A few things that surprised me:
  • The inclusion of the Cut Steel Tiara. If I had to guess which token "unusual" tiara would have made it, I would have gone with the Cameo Tiara - especially since it got a boost of publicity with Victoria's wedding in 2010. (And I was nearly right. The old Cameo popped in at #17.)
  • Speaking of wedding publicity, I'm surprised the Halo Scroll Tiara didn't have a very good showing. I thought the Power of Catherine would bump it higher than #71.
  • The tiara I am most surprised to see on your list is the Luxembourg Empire Tiara. Luxembourg's jewel collection is not very well-known, and the design itself can be overpowering for many (as proven by your comments!).
  • My other big surprise was how well the Rose Cut Diamond Bandeau did. As far as vote totals go, #1 and #2 absolutely ran away with it, and there for a while I thought we might even end up with the bandeau on top. In the end, though, the Girls won handily.

Now, because I'm terribly nosy, I'd love to know how this compared to your own list or to what you predicted before the countdown began. Did anything really surprise you? Do tell.