02 January 2012

2011 in Review: Princess Letizia

Best of the Year
While scratching my head monkey-style trying to remember what I loved this year, I just wrote "The Mango" for Leti. And here we are: The Mango. Both retro and fresh, and one of her most glowing appearances. I have a girl crush on this specific look to be sure.

Runners Up
Let me tell you what I like about the gray and black business up there: the hair. Why doesn't she do it like that more often? I swear, she looks ten years younger. Anyway, back to the clothes: of course I loved her fairy tale turn the night before William and Kate's wedding - it was so surprising from such a no-nonsense dresser! - and I also loved her playful red and pink combo as well as the freshness of a white suit and a white minidress (more mod!).

Worst of the Year
Though I strongly considered anything falling in the "jumpsuit" range (such as this or this), in the end, what gets me about Letizia overall had to go on the chopping block: the business casual stuff. This is at a military graduation ceremony (as was this one, equally casual)...I'm sorry, but I just find that terribly inappropriate for one of the guests of honor. Happily, after these incidents I seemed to detect a slight shift towards dressing up, so maybe I won't have to ride quite so high on my own jeans-wearing horse next year.

Which outfits make your best and worst lists for Letizia in 2011?

Photos: Daylife/Zimbio