04 January 2012

2011 in Review: Princess Mathilde

Best of the Year
Oh, help. As much as I harp and harp about color, the truth is that few things can make me go as weak as a simply perfect white dress. And Mathilde, at Princess Maxima's 40th birthday concert, got it exactly right. Stunning, end of story.

Runners Up
Visions in white aside, the best thing about Mathilde's style is that she's not afraid of color. Hot pink, orange (times 2), red leather, even leopard all make my list of favorite 2011 looks out of Belgium. And just because I'm a sucker for anything with even a teensy hint of retro, one all black ensemble sneaks in.

Worst of the Year
If color is the best thing about Mathilde's sartorial m.o., the worst thing is that she sometimes seems to lose her sense of what works for her. She struggles with fit, and where exactly the waist should be stuck. This outfit hits both of those problem areas, while adding a third: it's just not the kind of thing she can pull off. She did something I wish she'd do more of, which is explore non-Natan Belgian designers (this is Dries Van Noten), but she picked something that simply must be worn with a certain runway nonchalance. But on Mathilde, with her earnest and sweet persona, it's just a pair of too-big too-short trousers and a baggy shirt.

Which outfits make your best and worst lists for Mathilde in 2011?

Photos: Purepeople/Abaca/Isopix/Daylife