06 January 2012

Flashback Friday: My Least Favorite 2011 Things

We had our warm fuzzies last week with our favorite things from 2011. In truth, 2011 was a year with many great appearances and many, many meh ones, but not so many that were horrid. Actually, I feel a little retroactively cheated from the giggles that come right alongside the OMGs and the WTFs. Never fear, though, I do have a few things to nominate for the Please Ban in 2012, My Eyes Can't Take It list...

Yeah, you knew at least one of my pet peeves was going to make this list. But: Come on, ladies! Unless you've got stick thin legs and you're pairing these monstrosities with similarly shaded tights, what you're doing is chopping off your legs. Stumpy little legs. Can't we all unite against that?

Your lady business.
Listen: I know some of you say it's not the dress, it's the flash photography. It's not the dress, it's the particular picture in question. I say: stop it. I don't buy it! If you're a public figure like these royal ladies are, flash photos and a gajillion pictures of your whatnot taken from every angle are part of the deal. If you're leaving your modesty up to the photographer to preserve, you've got yourself a problem.

Toilet seats as apparel.
Sweet Beasus, once is enough.

What would you like to banish in 2012?

And with that, we are finally done with 2011. Onward, upward, etc.

Photos: Swedish Royal House/Reuters/LA Times