13 January 2012

Random Royal Appreciation: The First Royal Wedding of 2012

I get a lot of requests to feature other royals here - other family members besides the main ladies we always cover, ladies from non-European countries, handsome royal men, and so on. I can't cover everyone, but I can do this: create a new feature, Random Royal Appreciation. This is designed to be a look at other royal sartorial happenings that catch my interest for whatever reason, on a totally random basis.

How about we kick things off with the first royal wedding of 2012?
Left to Right: Queen Rania, Princess Basma, Prince Hamzah, King Abdullah, Queen Noor
In Jordan, Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein married Basma Al-Atoum yesterday, January 12th. Hamzah is the son of the late King Hussein and Queen Noor, making him King Abdullah II's half-brother, and this is his second marriage (he divorced Princess Noor bint Asem in 2009). The new Princess Basma was born in Canada to Jordanian parents and has lived in Jordan since 2005. She's a pilot at the Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan.
I quite like Princess Top Gun's pink ensemble. I love it when brides don't stick to the all-white game.

What do you think of the bride in pink?

By the way, though we still have no major royal wedding gatherings on the docket for 2012, I have revived the "Upcoming Royal Weddings" section of the Royal Wedding Headquarters page with some upcoming weddings: a double engagement for the Habsburgs, and one in the Netherlands.

One final bit of Jordan royal news: Queen Rania's been snuggling with unreasonably adorable children (while visiting with underprivileged children and orphans in Amman).
Just in case your heart needed a little warming up today.

Photos: Facebook/Petra/Royal Hashemite Court