05 January 2012

Tiara Thursday: The Next 15

Lots of curiosity about the runners up to your happy list of 15 favorite tiaras. So today, a look at the next 15 tiaras on your list, bring us to your Top 30. Perhaps those of you unhappy about the overwhelmingly British nature of the Top 15 will find some solace here. Ready? Let's go:

Many of you held this one up as a better example of a whopper tiara than the Luxembourg Empire Tiara; now you can see it came quite close. We've covered this one before, click above to revisit.

17. The Cameo Tiara from Sweden
This would have been my pick for a non-typical tiara over the Cut Steel Tiara. It has a tremendous history and is the family's wedding tiara. We haven't covered this on its own yet.

18. The Connaught Tiara from Sweden
Some of you were wondering where the rest of Sweden's collection was after we did your Top 15 - after all, only two made the list and they have a very sizeable stash. Well, here you go: 16, 17, 18, and another one below too. We haven't discussed this particular one in depth yet.

A classic pearl tiara, and a lovely one at that. This has been in our spotlight before, click above for that entry.

Mette-Marit's signature tiara, a delicate floral piece. This was part of her wedding ensemble, and we talked it over back when she and Haakon celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary (linked above).

This one would fight with the Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara for my favorite pearl drop tiara. This was one we reviewed in the run up to Monaco's royal wedding, click above for that.

There were several tiaras on the list that I think would have ended up higher had we featured them in a Tiara Thursday piece prior to the Big Vote. I suspect this is one of them. As it was, we handled this in advance of the Nobel festivities, click above.

A perfectly pretty piece, and one of my favorites out of the Lux jewel vault. Click above to revisit its history.

24. The Stuart Diamond Tiara from the Netherlands
This is the grandest diadem in the jewel vault over there in Holland. Queen Beatrix has never worn it (that's her late mother, Queen Juliana, above). If anyone's going to revive it, I feel confident it will be our magpie Máxima. We haven't discussed this one yet.

25. The George IV State Diadem from Great Britain
 The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland might be the Queen's most worn tiara, but this is certainly in the running for the most seen diadem; on stamps and such it's one of the official symbols of the monarchy. We haven't talked about all of the symbolism and history involved here yet.

Okay, this one surprised me. I'm not even sure I'd call this a tiara, and its one outing thus far was, well, not successful in my eyes. Perhaps you see great potential here? Anyway, we talked it through at the time of the wedding (click above).

27. The Delhi Durbar Tiara from Great Britain
Another candidate for Best Whopper! We haven't discussed this one in depth yet, either.

28. The Floral Aigrette Tiara from Denmark
 Methinks if De Kongelige Juveler had been released earlier in the year, this would have gotten a well-deserved bump. Certainly your requests for a piece on this baby have jumped! And it will indeed be coming soon to a blog near you.

29. The Pearl Poire Tiara from Denmark
 Four dangling drop pearl tiaras in the Top 30...just right, or a lot? (We haven't featured this particular one in depth yet.)

30. The Laurel Wreath Tiara from Belgium
Princess Mathilde's one and only tiara pulls in the 30th spot. Many of the votes noted that it's really a perfect classical example of a wreath tiara, so if that's your deal, here you go. (Haven't featured this one either.)

So, there you have it. With so many tiaras proposed, once we got out of the Top 15, things were extremely close all around.

Do these additions change any of your thoughts on the Top 15?