04 January 2012

Wedding Wednesday: 2011's Grooms and Tiaras

Ha! I bet you thought we were moving on this week. NOPE. After we chatted about our favorite royal wedding gowns from 2011 last year (that post has been updated with the poll results, by the way, and you'll never guess who won), it was clear we needed a second round of voting, this time focusing on the...uh...accessories. So, here we go again:

Best in Groom's Attire
By special request of the stunning Mrs. Whit, who had the best groom's outfit in 2011? William's Disney-tastic prince getup? Alexander's basic white tie? Albert's golf-ready white uniform? Rashid's extra medaled-up uni? Mike's standard morning coat? Georg Friedrich's jaunty top hat? The King of Bhutan's psychedelic boots? Do tell:

UPDATE: The poll is closed, and the results are...
  1. Prince William, with 51% of the vote
  2. The King of Bhutan, 20%
  3. Mike Tindall, 9%
  4. Prince Georg Fredrich, 8%
  5. Prince Rashid, 6%
  6. Alexander Johannsman, 5%
  7. Prince Albert, 2%

Best Wedding Tiara
A few of you mentioned that you had to judge the tiara apart from the gown, and we certainly won't blame you for that approach around here. So, who sported the best wedding tiara (or tiaras, as the case may be for some lucky brides)? Was it Catherine's resurrection of a long-unseen modest gem? Nathalie's adherence to tradition? Charlene's double header? Zeina's floral number?
Or perhaps you prefer Zara's personality-to-tiara match? Sophie's double tiara turn featuring an additional dose of tradition? Jetsun Pema's crown-plus-tiara extravaganza? Vote it up:
UPDATE: The poll is closed, and the results are...
  1. Sophie, with 23% of the vote
  2. A tie between Charlene and Catherine, 18% each
  3. Jetsun, 16%
  4. A tie between Zara and Nathalie, 12% each
  5. Zeina, 2%

Photos: Getty Images/Daylife/Bunte/Point de Vue