10 January 2012

Week in Review: Crown Princess Mary, 1-7 January

  1. a) Nytårskur and Nytårstaffel, the New Year's Court and Banquet, 1 January, with b) a look at her jewels: the Danish Ruby Parure Tiara, hairpieces from the leftover pieces of her tiara makeover, the parure earrings with a dark pearl drop, and the brooch from the parure with another pearl substituted for the diamond and ruby pendant at her waist. All worn with the collar and star of the Order of the Elephant, plus her brooch portrait of Queen Margrethe on her shoulder.
  2. Shopping, 2 January.
  3. a) Nytårskur, New Year's Court reception for the Diplomatic Corps, 3 January. I realized later in videos that Mary had a brooch in her hair, which you can just barely see (b).
  4. Nytårskur, New Year's Court reception for representatives of various organizations, 4 January, in a repeated court dress from Heartmade designer Julie Fagerholt. This is one of my personal favorite Mary outfits.
Though all the gowns from this year were repeats from past New Year's Courts, two of them appeared with significant alterations. The big changes in dress #1 had some questioning whether it was actually a repeat or a brand new gown. The tailor that made the alterations, Birgit Hallstein, spoke to Billed Bladet and explained that extra fabric was purchased when the initial gown was made for future alterations, thus allowing her to craft an entirely new top and sleeves and make alterations to the hips and skirt area. (Precisely what some of you were guessing at, you smart cookies.)
Do you think the alterations were for the better? I like the red dress either way, but I can't say I'm in love with the changes to the blue dress.

Photos: BT/SN/Seoghoer/MSN/Billed Bladet