11 January 2012

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 1-9 January

 Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander, and Princess Máxima are on a two-for-one state visit: first stopping in the United Arab Emirates, then in Oman. I'm splitting the week up due to the number of outfits involved. This is the U.A.E. portion of the trip.
  1. Arriving in Abu Dhabi for a state visit to the United Arab Emirates, 7 January.
  2. Starting off with a visit to a mosque in the required modest garb, 8 January.
  3. a) The official welcome, 8 January, repeating her wonderful white Valentino suit from Amalia's christening (a.k.a. one of my favorite Máxima looks of all time), and (b) wearing some of her orange jewels.
  4. Last events of the day, 8 January, in a pantsuit with what I think might be one of her daughter's scribbles in hat form.
  5. Meeting Dutch companies in the area, 9 January. I'm afraid this might be what Betty White would wear to the Kentucky Derby...that said, points as always for a legit hat.
  6. In Dubai, 9 January. I think this hat might have been rescued from a shower drain somewhere. SORRY. Shouldn't have put that visual in your heads. I know I wish it wasn't in mine. Share my pain. Back to pleasantries now: I like her major print.
  7. Meeting with the Dutch community in Dubai, 9 January, in her repeated Valentino dress.
Can I tell you something? I prefer Queen Beatrix's outfits so far. I know. It surprised me too.
Sure, it's all typical Bea stuff, but there's some really lovely purple business happening in there. Me likey.

Also, we must do as the royals did and say a quick hello to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai:
He's a new father! His lovely wife Princess Haya (you might remember her from Ascot and other horse-related shenanigans) recently gave birth to the first of many royal babies expected this year, a boy called Zayed. Congrats!

From here the Dutch group headed to Oman, which is where we will pick up next week.

Photos: Dutch Photo Press/PPE/Nieboer