17 January 2012

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 10-14 January

Last week, we covered the state visit to the United Arab Emirates from Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander, and Princess Máxima. They next headed to Oman for the rescheduled state visit that was cancelled in the wake of protests last year.
  1. The arrival and welcome in Oman, 10 January, in a red repeated ruff.
  2. State banquet, 10 January, repeating an old Prinsjesdag dress. Keep on reading for tiara dish.
  3. Second day in Oman, visiting Port Sohar, 11 January. Ah! Big hat, just like I like it. Can't say I understand the need for green accessories, but I'll get over it on the basis of the fabulousness of that hat.
  4. Still on the second day, 11 January.
  5. Final day in Oman, visiting a mosque, 12 January. I respect that it must be hard to find a sartorial solution for visiting a place like this; I'm just not sure throwing a long sleeve black tee under whatever is the way to go.
Okay, now let's talk tiaras. I'm glad we got tiaras, to start with. I mean, Willem-Alexander wore a suit to the same event...and, well, there are many royal ladies that would use that excuse to go tiara-less. Not my Orange girls, though, bless 'em. They went for a double ruby appearance, with Beatrix in the Mellerio Ruby Tiara and Máxima in the Peacock Tiara. I like it whenever Beatrix wears a tiara large enough to overcome the size of her hair, so she's fine by me. Máxima, though...
Oh, HONEY. You tried to stick it on all by yourself, didn't you, you poor love. Look at all those sad black hairpins all over the place. Maybe now they'll spring for a permanent traveling hairdresser for you? January's not even over, and we already have a candidate for Worst Tiara Hair of 2012. How sad.

Photos: Dutch Photo Press/PPE/Nieboer/Purepeople/Abaca