03 February 2012

Flashback Friday: Mary's Greatest Hits

Hey, guess who's turning 40 this weekend? Crown Princess Mary! And so it's time to do what we do and dish out some kudos for the birthday girl in the form of our favorite sartorial hits from her princess years.

Now, generally speaking, I'm a pretty big fan of Mary's style. It was hard to come up with a greatest hits list, not because I was lacking in options, but because the list was overflowing. But I persevered, and the things that I like always are obviously the things that made the list.
I just love a good coat, and in combo with a coordinating outfit, there are few things that scream "princess" more to me.
Except, of course, for those gowns that are princess-specific; in other words, no red carpet conversions here. These babies look best with sashes and/or tiaras and/or pristine white gloves.
Also, I like red, apparently. Pink'll do, but RED. Delicious. (I have to say that the red gown first seen at her pre-wedding celebrations is one of my all-time favorite royal gowns, as is the red velvet number that we just saw redone. After entirely too much thought, I think I prefer the maternity version.)
And finally, sometimes things just settle themselves in your brain and you don't have any explanation as to why they did, like a swingy print, or an utterly casual affair, or PURPLE.

Which outfits make your list of Mary's Greatest Hits?

By the way, since it's Mary's birthday and all, that makes this as good a time as any to fulfill a couple long-standing reader requests and talk about the oh-so-sparkly affair that was Frederik and Mary's wedding (and pre-wedding). Stay tuned for Wednesdays to come.

Photos: Purepeople/Abaca/Polfoto/Hello/Vogue/BilledBladet