27 February 2012

Week in Review: The Duchess of Cambridge, 19-25 February

  1. Walking the dog, 20 February.
  2. Visiting schools for The Art Room, 21 February, in Orla Kiely. This is, like, half cute and half something Grandma that stopped shopping in 1978 might own. All I know is Grandma certainly wouldn't style it with SHOOTIES.
Because I know someone will object, let me define it for you:
  • SHOOTIES: Anything and everything from the almost-but-not-really-just-kidding shoe-ish things up to the not-boots calf highlighters. For use by those that find them all to be fug and don't care enough to differentiate. To be said with an intonation appropriate for greeting one's archnemesis and to be written in all caps for emphasis. 
Photos: Lehtikuva/Zimbio