21 February 2012

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 12-18 February

  1. Visiting Turkey for 2 days in her capacity as a U.N. adviser for inclusive finance.
Máxima and her family are now in Austria. For those that have not heard, Prince Johan Friso - Queen Beatrix's middle son, Máxima's brother-in-law - was buried by an avalanche last Friday while in Lech for the family's traditional ski holiday. Friso's condition, as of this writing, is still reported as critical but stable; reports are saying no concrete information will be known about his prognosis until later this week.

UPDATE: Prince Friso was without oxygen for a long time, and has suffered serious brain damage. The medical team has said that it is not known when, or if, Friso will regain consciousness.

Photo: ANP