23 March 2012

Random Royal Appreciation: Charles and Camilla in Norway

So far we've seen the Wessexes and Prince Harry strut their royal tour stuff for the Diamond Jubilee (and also the Duke of Gloucester, though his dapper suits didn't make the site); now it's Charles and Camilla's turn. They have Commonwealth tours planned for later on, but first they're touring Scandinavia.
A wreath laying ceremony after arriving in Norway; left to right: Queen Sonja, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Prince of Wales, King Harald
They started out this week in Norway, where the whole royal family turned out to say hi - they're all close relatives and friends here, of course.
Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit (left) met the British couple at the airport before the wreath ceremony; afterwards, the ladies visited the Nobel Peace Prize Center
The Duchess of Cornwall was lovely on arrival in her blues and grays, even though it sort of looks like a velvet snake has a hold on her hat. I do prefer snakes on hats to upturned makeup bags, I must say (ahem, Sonja). Camilla's wearing a sapphire and diamond brooch that was a gift to Queen Victoria for her Diamond Jubilee - ever so appropriate, wouldn't you say?

The official banquet
In the evening, the Norwegians held an official banquet for their guests. As always, I say boo to no tiaras, even though I hadn't really expected any. The ladies did their best to make up for it, especially Camilla with her amazing turquoise jewels (from her personal collection). I think Sonja's dress might be one of her best - certainly a nice change from her usual big skirts.
L to R: the Duchess and her turquoise, Princess Märtha Louise and Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Princess Astrid and Crown Prince Haakon
Mette-Marit wins rocking the pastels as only she can, while Märtha Louise looks like a piñata threw up on her in her repeated dress from Victoria and Daniel's pre-wedding dinner.

Day 2 was full of interesting experiences for Camilla. First, she braved the rain and fog but kept her spirirts up, no doubt with the help of her hosts amusingly practical headgear. (Sonja...did you steal that from your old friend Daisy?) And then someone let Charles wield an ax, which is frightening - I mean, he had enough trouble ironing when he and Camilla were hanging out with Kate last week. And finally, day 3 saw Camilla wearing Balmoral tartan - a Prince Albert design which can only be worn by the queen, other members of the royal family (with the queen's approval), and the queen's personal piper. A lot of history in one schoolmarm outfit.

Charles and Camilla have now moved on to Sweden, where we will pick up next time.

Photos: Daylife/Getty Images/Reuters/Bild