28 March 2012

Random Royal Appreciation: Charles and Camilla in Sweden and Denmark

Time to pick up where we left off with the Adventures of Charles and Camilla in Scandinavia! When we last saw them, they were finishing up in Norway and headed to Sweden where they were met by Prince Carl Philip and received by his mother Queen Silvia.
Arrival in Sweden. First picture, L to R: Queen Silvia, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Carl Philip
How cute is Silvia's little suit with that bow? A classy butt bow: it can happen. Camilla, meanwhile, was still sporting the Balmoral tartan she departed Norway in.
L to R: Princess Madeleine, Prince Carl Philip, the Duchess of Cornwall, King Carl Gustaf, the Prince of Wales, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel
The next day, the royal family - all of them! - hosted the British visitors for lunch. Now this is a treat, isn't it? Victoria's out and about for the first official time after little Estelle's birth, and she's wearing a color and it's not a tent so we won't talk about the shoes. Even Madeleine's there, though not in one of her more flattering outfits. Camilla wore a navy outfit that she seems to wear all the time.

Other events included a Diamond Jubilee reception and a museum visit, as well as a private dinner and visit to the Drottningholm Palace Theater (see below - even Princess Christina pitched in!). 

Then then it was off to the last stop of the trip, Denmark.
Arrival in Denmark, with Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik
Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary met them at the airport, where Camilla's understated coat was no match for Mary's burst of Spring color and print and sleeveness (it's a word).

The royal couple were hosted by the whole Danish royal family for an official dinner. Princess Marie turned out - because apparently everybody puts their maternity leave on hold for Chas and Cams! - as well as the elegant Princess Benedikte. Camilla wore an oft-repeated gown but couldn't hold a candle to Mary's elegant strapless dress...or Queen Morticia Margrethe's spiderweb.
A spiderweb topped with the dreaded Golden Poppies, no less! Oh, Marge. Is it Halloween already? Let's take solace in the wondrous diamond demi-parure that is part of Camilla's collection and all the sorts of dress ornamentation displayed by the Danish princesses.

There were hats and plenty of purple on display (YUM) during the rest of the trip. Aren't the ladies oh-so-elegant at the wreath-laying ceremony on the far right above? I might be inclined to give this hat-off to Camilla, surprisingly enough.

The last day brought some fun for our royals: billiards for the gents and a visit to the set of The Killing for the ladies.
Might have been more fun for Camilla than for Mary. Everybody duck!

And that's that! Charles and Camilla have plenty of Commonwealth visiting up their sleeves this year - next up is Canada in May.

Photos: Daylife/Getty Images/Reuters/Svenskdam/BT/Profimedia/APA Picturedesk