16 March 2012

Random Royal Appreciation: Tiaras in Sweden

Tiaras came out to play on Thursday, at one of those fancy official dinners in Sweden. Just thought you should know.
The Pronger for Sil, per usual. I'm sighing, and not just because of my well-documented dislike of the prongs - but because I feel like we've seen this one too many times of late. So many tiaras in the vault! Air some others out, Your Majesty! Pretty please?

Also: Madeleine showed up! Huzzah.
I'm not a big fan of this dress or of the styling here, but I'll give it a pass because a) I like that Modern Fringe Tiara, b) I really like amethysts, and c) it's just nice to see her in a tiara again after skipping the Nobels last year!

Photos: Belga/IBL