26 March 2012

Royal Fashion Awards: The Rose Ball, 2012

The annual Rose Ball was held in Monaco this weekend, bringing out the usual assortment of Monaco characters and their misbegotten sartorial attempts. Shall we?

Best Distraction
Princess Charlene's Hair
 The evening's theme was "Swinging London" - as in the swinging 60s - and my favorite swinging touch is Charlene's hair. Love how cute and playful this is. I shall remember this 'do. The dress, I shall not.

Worst in Bedazzling
Princess Caroline
Uh oh. Someone let Caro loose with her Bedazzler in the remnants of the clown wardrobe from the Monaco circus. Points for wearing some legit bedazzling in the form of a pair of earrings from her mother, though.

Most Ridiculous
Charlotte Casiraghi
Charlotte, you know, she can carry off some pretty ridiculous stuff with her attitude. Things that usually only work on the runway can work on Charlotte. Sometimes. Not this time - alas, this one didn't even work on the runway (Chanel Couture, far right). She looks like she crossed a costume designer on Swan Lake's opening night. 

Best in "Of Course"
The Duchess of Castro
I ask you, what else would you expect from Camilla here? Actually, this might be kinda tame, now that I think about it.

Who wins your best and worst dressed awards at this year's Rose Ball?

Photos: Daylife/Getty Images/Reuters/Style.com