21 March 2012

Week in Review: Crown Princess Mary, 11-17 March

  1. Opening the Fugitives of the World exhibit, 13 March - see without the jacket here. Oh la! One of my faves, out to play again.
  2. At a conference in Copenhagen, 14 March- see the top better here. Dark stockings and light shoes - personal pet peeve territory, uh oh.
  3. Visiting Holbæk Hospital, 15 March. The trim on the jacket's got that homemade crochet vibe about it. I'm gonna have to give that a thumbs down unless she really did add it herself - in which case, go on with your bad crafting self - but it's Prada, so that's out.
  4. Attending a dinner, 15 March.
  5. Opening an exhibit and attending a conference, 16 March.
Photos: Purepeople/Abaca/PPE/Colourpress/rpp