30 April 2012

Gold Star: Lovely Ladies in Lace

Black lace can be tricky, don't you think? I mean, I can't think of another fabric that can vary so wildly and so quickly between utter tart and depressed Morticia in Victorian mourning. But when you get it right, when you hit just the right balance...sometimes there's nothing better. And two royal ladies have caused the jumpy claps this past week for doing just that.

I have been hoping that a royal lady would sport this Collette Dinnigan dress since I saw it on Rachel McAdams and Nicole Kidman. It's just so lovely, this dress. Feminine and lovely and lovely some more. I hope for stuff like that all the time, and it never happens. But it happened! Crown Princess Mary made it happen, at an awards ceremony on Sunday. Jumpy claps! More exclamation points!!

But before Mary did that, Princess Letizia had a little jumpy clap action all her own happening.
This new Felipe Varela number is one of those things that only Letizia could wear, and she does it so right. Feminine and lovely all over again, and just delightful.

Gold stars all around!

Photos: b.dk/bt.dk/Mujer Delite