09 April 2012

Royal Fashion Awards: Easter 2012

Easter's for pastels and frills and candy-inspired attire, right? 'Cuz Spring is here, and all that? If so...looks like our fair royals didn't get the memo. The families of Spain and Great Britain were out and about for church services yesterday, and it was a wee bit depressing, if I may say.

Worst in Candy Colored Spirit
The Spanish, All of 'Em
Seems like our choices in Spain are either Christmas service leftovers or business suits. Alas. Good thing they have two of the cutest infantas on the block for little distraction - I mean, there's a limit to how wrong you can go when those two cherubs are around, right?

Jauntiest Hat
Princess Eugenie
It's like Robin Hood came to Easter! Fetching, I must say, with just enough of that Yorkian hatted flair to hold down the fort in her sister's absence.

Sauciest Hat
Princess Anne
She can go to Easter service, and then maybe solve a few crimes or something with that brim. Just enough interest happening there to glaze over the rest of the outfit, which I'm pretty sure was made out of my mother's kitchen curtains from 1987.

Most Subdued
The Countess of Wessex and Lady Louise
Sophie's almost hard to recognize without a forehead bolter or a giant hat explosion. Only a baby hat explosion today, very subdued, and a subdued outfit for Lady Louise too - who we're always happy to see, wearing whatever. 

Best in Easter
Queen Elizabeth
Oh, thank heavens. Her Maj is here to show 'em all how it's done: pastel, Springish, with an Easter egg of a brooch on the shoulder (the Cambridge Pearl Pendant). A+.

Who wins your Easter best dressed title?

Photos: Reuters/Getty Images/Daylife/Michael Dunlea/Barcroft Media/Zed Jameson/Flynetpictures.com/Daily Mail