09 April 2012

Week in Review: Crown Princess Mary, 25 March-7 April

1. Making a visit to a swimming meet, 25 March.
2. Visiting the National Memorial during the visit of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, 26 March.
3. Official dinner for the British couple, 26 March.
4. On the last day of the visit, at the set of The Killing, 27 March. Shame about the boots there, but the ladies were told to avoid heels due to the terrain (she replaced them with regular shoes for the rest of the day).
5. a) Opening a mother and child center, 28 March, in b) H&M.
6. Attending the premiere of the movie A Royal Affair, 28 March. I can't look. The shoes, my eyes, they hurt.
7. a and b) Opening the e-Skills 2012 Conference, 30 March.