25 May 2012

Random Royal Appreciation: Catching Up with the Windsors

It's only been a week since we were caught up with all the world's sovereigns gathering at Windsor, and yet the Jubilee party people have already been racking up more shenanigans. Let's play catch up:

The annual Chelsea Flower Show brought out several royal visitors, including Queen Elizabeth. Poor dear doesn't seem to have noticed that she had a spiderweb stuck on her head.
I note wryly that this is not the same hairnet as we saw last year, but rather a new one from Angela Kelly. Because you can never have enough of...those.
Left to right: the Countess of Wessex, the Princess Royal, Princess Alexandra of Kent, Princess Michael of Kent, the Duchess of Gloucester
Plenty of other Windsors came out to play in the flowers, too. Most all of them seem to have received the garden-frolicking Spring memo...except for Anne. Who is always, unstoppably, just Anne.

Thankfully she (and her mother) came to their springtime senses in time for a huge Buckingham Palace garden party. Loveliness!

And finally for the queen, she attended a celebration of the arts the other night, where she acknowledged awkward curtseys from the likes of Joan Collins like a champ. Once again, she was accompanied by a posse of family members, most noticeably Sophie in her most va-va-voom appearance of the week. Me likey.

Some of the Duchess of Cornwall's Canada outfits
Last but not least, across the ocean the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall made a speedy Jubilee visit to Canada. Sartorially speaking, it was just Camilla doing her Camilla thing; the biggest piece of note for me was her maple leaf regimental brooch from the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada. Rather a large piece, where regimental badges are concerned, and I think quite nice. Lucky Camilla.

What stood out for you in this week in Windsors?

Photos: Daylife/Getty Images/Purepeople/Abaca/AP