19 May 2012

Royal Fashion Awards: The Jubilee Sovereigns' Dinner

After lunch at Windsor Castle, the sovereigns were entertained by a dinner at Buckingham Palace hosted by the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. Tiaras were not present - as we've discussed before, they weren't expected to be - so we'll have to make the best of it in their absence.

Best of the Best
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
Left to Right: Princess Charlene of Monaco, Princess Lalla Meryem of Morocco, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia
Oh la, some delicious things are happening. Ballerina pink from Char (nearly but not blergh, mind you), another to die for caftan from Lalla Meryem, and one of the best evening gowns I’ve ever seen Katherine in. But you know me, I’m ever so predictable, and no one holds a candle to my MT in a fitted Elie Saab with aquamarine jewels to accent (and bonus points for the suave hubby). Bliss, I tell you!

Best in Subdued
Queen Silvia
L to R: Queen Margarita of Bulgaria, the Queen of Tonga, Queen Silvia of Sweden, Empress Michiko of Japan
Well, no tiaras, why bother, right? Seems a few ladies had such a thought (and plenty of other reasons to go low-key, obviously). We’ll give this one to Silvia for at least attempting to spice it up with a dusting of diamonds.

Best in Attempted Bling
Queen Anne-Marie
L to R: Queen Margrethe of Denmark, the Queen of Brunei, Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, Princess Srirasm of Thailand, the Queen of Lesotho
Along those same lines, I did so appreciate these ladies trying at least to give us some sparkle via jewels or crystals or a little twinkle and shine from the dress. Bless Margrethe for bringing her luscious sapphires (and bless her even more for leaving her poppies at home), but this one goes to her sister, Anne-Marie, who is wearing part of her ruby parure. See, she was ready to go just in case the tiara signal flashed in the sky at the last possible moment.

Worst Disappointment
The Duchess of Cornwall
L to R: Queen Rania of Jordan, the Duchess of Cornwall, Queen Sonja of Norway
Sigh. Rania, she can turn it out so well…and she turned up in this two-faced number that I just can’t wrap my brain around. Sonja…dear, I think we need to take another look at what you wore the last time you came to party in London. And Camilla…major letdown. Hosting a dinner for sovereigns and not even one of your major diamond pieces? No whopper collet necklace, no Greville 5-strand masterpiece? I am sad.

Best in Over the Top
Inkhosikati LaMbikiza of Swaziland
Well, someone had to get their fairy princess on in this tiara-less night, didn’t they? Let’s look at it this way: she took one for the team.

Who wins the night for you?

Photos: Getty Images/AP/Daylife