01 May 2012

Royal Fashion Awards: Koninginnedag 2012

Koninginnedag, or Queen's Day, was yesterday in the Netherlands, and the Dutch royal family turned up for the street party as only they could.

Best, Obviously
Queen Beatrix
Hey, it's her day and it's been a tough year. The absence of Prince Friso - in a London hospital with serious brain injuries after being trapped in an avalanche earlier this year - and his wife Princess Mabel was certainly felt at the celebrations. The Queen Bea can wear whatever she likes.

Best in Cute
Princess Margriet and Pieter
Aw, here, warm your hearts with these two: Princess Margriet and her husband Pieter van Vollenhoven.

Best in Máxima
Princess Máxima
Yes, best in Máxima. She has her own category now. Because no one else could pull off an outfit that's simultaneously pulled from Peggy Olson's Mad Men wardrobe and Princess Estelle's nursery and make me love it.

Princess Aimée
Oh, I know. I can hear you over there - you that don't think these are princess-ish, and you that are ready to do all her foot health worrying for her. But as a Certified Shoe Person, let me just say this: SHOES! How delightfully entertaining.

Worst in Shoes
Princess Marilène
Mmmm....no. Not wedges, dear. Not with that. The rest, though: full marks.

Best and Worst in Green
Princess Laurentien and Princess Annette
Laurentien wraps us up with a lovely and understated green print, while Annette takes the worst here with all that shine.

Who's your best and worst dressed?

Photos: Daylife/Getty Images/AP/Dutch Photo Press/PPE/Nieboer