29 May 2012

Royal Trend Watch: Vroom Vroom Fashion at the Grand Prix

The Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco happened this past weekend, and Princess Charlene used the opportunity to take to the heights of thematic dressing...rather rarely for herself, I must say.
As though Charlene needed any more incentive to wear Akris clothes, the Spring 2012 collection was created with the 1966 film Grand Prix as an inspiration. At a pre-race charity football match she sported an Akris hoodie (well, I suppose you shouldn't call it a hoodie if it costs this much) with a Monte Carlo racing scene on the back.
Other outfits from some of the events surrounding the Grand Prix, including the Amber Lounge Fashion show (center, and also attended by the Countess of Wessex and the Duchess of Castro) and the Grand Prix gala (far right)
Other normal outfits were in play, sure, but she really got her engines running (clothes like this are asking for the pun, it's not my fault) for the big race itself.
Red lips and race cars. Where do you even start? I'm delighted that Char's having some fun with her clothes for a change - and hey, she's already got material to decorate a future kid's room around. Two birds, one stone dress.

Also, yes, Sophie Wessex was in the house (she was in Monaco for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award International Foundation). She didn't go quite so literal with her interpretation of Grand Prix fashion (her dress at the race was distinctly French, if that counts); instead, she gave vroom vroom a whole different meaning at the gala, racking up yet another fab-u-lous appearance.
What's your take on the racing fashion?

Photos: Lehtikuva/Purepeople/Abaca/Hello/Style.com/Nordstrom/Svenskdam