16 May 2012

Wedding Wednesday: A Royal Wedding in Germany

Another royal wedding was held over the weekend in Germany: Princess Felipa of Bavaria married Christian Dienst at the fantastic Pilgrimmage Church of Wies (or Wieskirche).
The bride and groom
Felipa is one of the children of Prince Leopold of Bavaria and his wife, Princess Ursula. Leopold is best known as a former race car driver, but we do see his royal side at some of the larger gatherings (such as the Prince and Princess of Monaco's wedding).
The tiara and the bride with her father
The princess married her film producer beau in a gown from Natascha Müllerschön, a designer out of Munich. It featured a white strapless base with a lace overlay and a cathedral veil. She arrived with the veil drawn up and over her family's tall diamond sunburst-style tiara. The tiara is usually worn by the bride's mother and has also been spotted on her sister-in-law Princess Anna, who wore it to Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's wedding.
I've seen many comparisons between this and Kate Middleton's gown, but I'm not so quick to label it a copy. Seems to me it's a pretty standard bridal gown, with a bit of extra veil effort to do what she could for such a tall tiara and the most important component firmly in place: that huge bridal smile. 

What do you think of Felipa's gown? 

Photos: Zimbio/Getty Images Europe/PPE