30 May 2012

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 20-26 May

  1. Attending a concert of the Dutch Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in London, 20 May, accompanied by Princess Mabel in her first public engagement since Prince Friso's accident.
  2. At a lecture at the International Institute of Social Studies, 21 May. I think this is lovely, but I would also say that if it were worn by, say, Queen Elizabeth. So...
  3. The christening of Princess Estelle, 22 May.
  4. Opening the Appel arts center's new location, 23 May.
  5. Opening the Moneycounter initiative, 23 May. Déjà vu! She picks the worst outfit of the week to repeat, of course she does. While I'm sure many of you will take issue with the placement of the bright orange stripe, my beef is with the seams on the top which manage to end in exactly the place you don't want them to end. Oh, Máx.
Photos: Daylife/ISS/Bekia