15 June 2012

Random Jewel Tidbits: Tiaras Coming, Going, and Gone

Various bits of tiara news have popped up lately, shall we have a wee news flash on this Friday?

Tiaras Coming: Queen Margrethe has received a new tiara and earrings, given to her by Greenland for her 40th jubilee this year. Called the Naasut Tiara (naasut meaning "flowers"), it's made of Greenland gold from recycled coins along with diamonds (at least one news report is also saying rubies - but can anyone spot any? I can't). We'll do the full run through on this one whenever she wears it, I'm sure; for now, it's spending the summer on exhibit in a few cities in Greenland before returning to Margrethe for use. I always like to wait until I see a tiara on for full judgement, but at the moment, I'm saying the tiara's a big improvement on the dreaded poppies...while the earrings (designed by Margrethe) are not.
The Naasut Tiara and the earrings on their new owner
Bless our Daisy though, she couldn't contain her excitement during the presentation and had to try the earrings on straight away. Plus ten points for unbridled magpie enthusiasm.

Tiaras Going, Maybe?: A royal tiara was recently up for auction. The Rosenborg Kokoshnik formerly owned by the late Countess Ruth of Rosenborg was placed on sale yesterday in Stockholm. Ruth, who died in 2010, was married to Prince Flemming of Denmark, and was present at many Scandinavian royal events over the years. This tiara was made originally for Princess Viggo of Denmark. Made of diamonds, pearls, and garnets, the top line can be removed to create a diamond rivière necklace. The price range estimated was around $200,000, but the tiara remains unsold after the auction.
The Rosenborg Kokoshnik, as worn by Countess Ruth

Tiaras Gone: Tragic tiara news out of Sweden, I'm afraid. Princess Christina (sister of King Carl Gustaf) has been the victim of a jewel theft. More than $120,000 worth of jewels were stolen out of her apartment near the Royal Palace by a 19-year-old friend of the princess and her husband, Tord Magnuson. The thief had keys to the apartment and had come across access to the safe in which the princess' jewels were stored. Alongside gems including cufflinks from her grandfather and a ring from her mother, a tiara was taken. This is likely to be Queen Sofia's Pearl and Diamond Tiara, a small piece which left the family for a while but made it back when it was given to Christina by her godmother. (Some reports are listing it as having been a tiara from her mother, Princess Sibylla, which this tiara is not; however, the quoted value of around $50,000 would be a better fit for this petite piece. This tiara is most likely to have been in Christina's home.)
Christina wearing Queen Sofia's Pearl and Diamond Tiara
The young man has admitted to selling other pieces, but stated that he threw the tiara into a river. Divers have been looking but as of this writing, the diadem has not been found. (Click here for an article in English on the theft.) This tiara is small, so perhaps it did not appear to have much value to the thief or his buyers. What a horrible, horrible thing to have happen.

Photos: Berlingske/Kongehuset/Bukowski/ANP/Svenskdam