21 June 2012

Royal Fashion Awards: Ascot 2012, Day 3

Hey laaaadies! It’s your day, Ladies’ Day, at Ascot. Day 3 is supposed to bring the wackiest hats of all, so let’s see how our royal ladies did. (And click here for Day 2 if you’re catching up!)

Most Refreshing
Queen Elizabeth
Nothing like a nice cool mint julep of an outfit on a summer’s day (even if it is a rainy one), right? And look at our Lillibet go, pulling out yet another brooch surprise: this is the Teck Corsage Brooch (more currently known as the Duchess of Teck’s Emperor of Austria Brooch), minus the diamond and pearl chain we normally see dangling from it.

Best in Last Minute Saves
The Countess of Wessex
 In which we say: thank heavens for the hat, or else the rest would’ve put us to sleep.

Best in Post-Makeover Eliza
Princess Beatrice
Erdem’s becoming a full-fledged royal trend: Lady Helen Taylor opted for the designer back at William and Kate’s wedding and again for this year’s Jubilee service, Kate’s sported Erdem a few times, and now Bea’s made her third Erdem-clad appearance in a month! I like it only because it’s sort of a patriotic version of My Fair Lady’s take on Ascot, and I haven’t made a single MFL reference in two whole days of racing. (Just you wait for the rest of this post, just you wait.) 

Worst in Pre-Makeover Eliza
The Princess Royal
 Here’s a disagreeable surprise: another 2011 royal wedding repeat for Anne today, this time her outfit from William and Kate's nuptials which one year later is still a batty pre-makeover Eliza number. Clearly she's picked the most cutting edge hat out of her closet and is daring you to continue your sniggering.

Worst in Meh
Princess Eugenie
Honestly, not even the crumpled piece of laundry north of her ears or the fierceness happening south of her ankles can get me to muster up any sort of remarks for this outfit. It’s the fit that’s done her in; it makes me too sad. She's so lovely! Enough with the business that doesn't do her justice. 

Best in Ladies’ Day Crazy
Princess Haya
 By George, she’s done it! Haya has shown us how Ladies’ Day should be done. Gargantuan hat: check. A little something out of the ordinary, just for the day: pink and orange, check and check. And yet, still elegant and not Olympic levels of famished attention seeking: check, check, check.

Best in Regular Crazy
Princess Michael
Marie Christine, I’m dashed. I have no idea what the neck ruff you heisted from an English courtroom has to do with your leftover 1987 party dress or the business blazer that has no business being on top of it. All I know is that none of it will do for the miniature bowling party you’re apparently attending later. (Surely she has a wee bowling ball in that bag, right?) But bless your heart anyway, Princess Mike, for bringing the LOLZ on Ladies’ Day, and finishing us off with your own ode to the Black and White Ascot.

Who do you say is the fairest on Ladies’ Day?

Photos:  Getty Images/Daylife/i-Images/Zimbio/Wenn/Corbis/WPA Pool