02 June 2012

Royal Fashion Awards: The Epsom Derby

Here we go! Jubilee Weekend has begun with the Epsom Derby. The surprisingly color-coordinated Windsors are off to the races, and so are we... 

Best in Blue
Queen Elizabeth
Standard blue with sapphires and diamonds (the brooch was one of Queen Mary's wedding gifts) to kick the weekend off for the queen. It's like she knew that headline writers were going to be taxed by the end of this affair and decided to give them one with the Royal Blue reference, bless her heart.

Best in Yorks
Princess Eugenie
Left to right: Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie
How very tame, York sisters. (Ramping up for a big hatted finale later on, or permanently subdued? We shall see.) Eugenie wins for proving that jubilee fever leaves no one untouched with her Union Jack manicure. (And also because I love dresses like that, on anyone, anytime, anywhere.)

Best in Major Hats
The Countess of Wessex
L to R: the Countess of Wessex, Princess Michael of Kent
The countess and the princess tried to fill the hatted void left by the Yorks. Well, they tried, even if those are tall platform shoes to fill. Personally, I prefer the Wessex flowered pancake to the Kent chip-n'-dip tray.

Best in Elegance
The Duchess of Gloucester
L to R: the Duchess of Gloucester, Princess Alexandra of Kent
There is no one more consistently adorable (above the age of 6, that is) than Princess Alexandra. And yet, the Duchess of Gloucester's ladylike blue still wins this one. Just this once. 

Best in Top Hats
The Duke of Edinburgh
L to R: Prince Michael of Kent, the Earl of Wessex, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke of York, the Duke of Gloucester
Best part of this event: gents in top hats and umbrellas. So deliciously old school, I hope they never change this dress code. Prince Philip wins, because...obviously, but I'll throw in a tip of my imaginary topper to Prince Richard (that's the Duke of Gloucester) for looking extra dapper.

Who wins the Derby for you this year?

Photos: Daylife/Getty Images/Hello/Splash/Daily Mail/EPA/PA