14 June 2012

Tiara Thursday: Madeleine's Tiaras

One of the things I like about the Swedish royal jewel collection is that they do a good deal of sharing. Sure, certain things are left mainly to Queen Silvia, but there’s a fair amount of other tiaras to go around. Princess Madeleine celebrated her 30th birthday this week, so I thought we’d celebrate by recapping just how far into the collection she’s gotten in her tiara-wearing years.

The Aquamarine Bandeau
For her 18th birthday, Madeleine received this petite bandeau with a large aquamarine in the center as a starter tiara. It does have some family history, reportedly once belonging to Queen Louise. As often as this one is so lovingly called a Cyclops tiara, I’ve always had a soft spot for it. I’d certainly rather have this one than the one that Crown Princess Victoria received for her 18th birthday.

The Diamond Bandeau 
Madeleine has worn the Diamond Bandeau, as has her sister; really, it's a simple diamond rivière or two, but it makes such a lovely ornament in that fantastic tiara hair the Swedish ladies sport.

The Six Button Tiara
The sister button tiaras (the Six Button, here, and the Four, below) seem to be the most passed around in the family to whichever lady needs them. True to that, Madeleine has duly taken her turn.

The Four Button Tiara
Smartly though, she mostly avoids the buttons. (Though I will say I think she's made the best that can be made of the Four Button Tiara.)

The Modern Fringe Tiara
Queen Silvia's fringe tiara seems to be Madeleine's favorite tiara, and it's definitely my favorite of the diadems we've seen her wear. She wears it in both the tiara version and as a necklace.

The Connaught Diamond Tiara
The last addition to her tiara repertoire was the Connaught Diamond Tiara, usually worn by Queen Silvia but loaned to Madeleine for a Very Special Occasion: Victoria’s wedding. Even though that was the first time we’d seen her wearing the actual tiara, she had worn the diamond drops on a necklace chain often, and has also worn them as earrings.

Update: Princess Madeleine has since worn Queen Josephine's Amethyst Tiara.

Which one is your favorite so far? What would you like to see on her next?

Photos: Corbis/Svensdam/IBL/PPE