25 June 2012

Week in Review: Princess Letizia, 17-23 June

1. Day 1 of her official visit to the United States with Prince Felipe, in New York City, 20 June.
2. Still on day 1, 20 June. Máxima has this skirt too, who wore it best?
3. a) Day 2, at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 21 June, in b) Oky ^ Coky which she also c) added a cardigan to.
4. Still day 2, 21 June. This seems to be the pink and white trip
5. Day 3, back in New York, 22 June.
6. Dinner for the XVII US-Spain Council Forum in New Jersey, 22 June. Odd dress there. Linebacker shoulders and a ruffle right in front...hmm.  A+ for the hair, though.
7. At the closing of the forum with secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 23 June, repeating from Armed Forces Day. An appropriate, if not thrilling, sartorial trip on the whole, I'd say.

Photos: Reuters/Getty Images/Daylife/Zimbio/Hoy Mujer/Mujer Delite