11 June 2012

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 27 May-9 June

1. Double engagements for the day, 29 May. Fairly well put together on the Máxima scale, no?
2. At a seminar at the University of Amsterdam, 30 May.
3. a) Visiting a music project, 30 May, in b) a Pucci jacket. Only on Máxima, I tell ya.
4. Attending the International Insurance Europe conference, 1 June.

5. Attending the Access to Health Insurance conference, 5 June.
6. With the whole family at a children's concert, 6 June.
7. Visiting the ZID Theater, 7 June.
8. a) Opening a mother-child center at Bronovo Hospital, 8 June, in b) Tory Burch. The worst hair of the week by far - but also the biggest smile. This is the hospital where Máxima gave birth to her three girls.

Photos: Dutch Photo Press/Svenskdam/Harmonie Orkest Vleuten/Pucci/Parool/Tory Burch