20 July 2012

Flashback Friday: A Few of Camilla's Sparkliest Things

The Duchess of Cornwall turned 65 this week, on July 17th, and you know I can't pass up any excuse to delight in sparkly things. Camilla has quite the spectacular jewel collection, so why don't we gaze upon a small selection of them in honor of the birthday girl? (Birthday cake while jewel gazing is optional but highly recommended.)

First up we have the engagement ring, a huge diamond affair that once belonged to the Queen Mum. Just the tip of the iceberg, as it turns out, when it comes to the number of jewels from the late Queen Elizabeth's collection that Camilla wears.

Tiaras! We've spotted three on Camilla so far: usually the Boucheron Honeycomb or Greville Tiara, but also the massive Delhi Durbar Tiara once and her own family's tiara once (called the Cubitt Shand Tiara, or some variation thereof usually). Both the Boucheron and the Delhi Durbar came from the Queen Mother's stash. Fun fact: according the Hugh Roberts in The Queen's Diamonds, the Teck Crescent Tiara - also formerly in possession of the Queen Mum - is also on loan to Camilla.

How about some major neck bling to go along with those tiaras? No problem, Camilla has every flavor you need. This major ruby necklace - it's practically a breastplate, let's be honest - came from the Saudi royals, as likely did the emerald and sapphire necklaces (all given in the course of one visit, mind you).
Aquamarine! Turquoise! Even my beloved purple amethysts, which gives me great hope that we will one day see the luscious Kent amethysts back in use.
If it's straight diamonds you prefer, there's always the massive necklace from the Greville stash which in its full form is 5 sparkling strands (or 2 separate necklaces of 2 and 3 strands). She also has a necklace reportedly made from a dismantled tiara bought by her husband (second from left). Again dipping into the Queen Mother's collection, the collet necklace given by George VI and worn for the 1937 coronation is on loan to the Duchess (she has shortened it). There are so many diamonds here, I'll even forgive her one creepy snake necklace.

For a little day sparkle, there's always one of her many pearl chokers with their various decorative clasps. I'd gladly take any of them off her hands should she find herself with too many...
...though if I could place a request, it'd have to be the pink one (usually said to have been a gift from Charles - the man does have superb taste). The aquamarine, said to be a family heirloom, isn't too shabby either!

Oh, soooo many jewels - and a lady that can pull them off. (And this, needless to say, is just a sampling.) Happy birthday to Camilla, and may it bring her even more treasures for us to covet!

What's your favorite piece from Camilla's collection?

Photos: Getty Images//Clarence House/Reuters