07 July 2012

Introducing the Jewel Vault

I’m excited to share with you today a new project I’ve been working on!

I’ve started a new blog called From Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault, and it is dedicated to cataloging the jewels worn by Queen Elizabeth as she wears them. You’ll find posts covering Her Majesty’s events and posts detailing the gems she’s worn while going about her business.

This new blog grew out of inquiries I receive on a daily basis regarding whatever brooch/earrings/necklace/etc. the Queen’s trotted out on any given day. I’ve always gotten a lot of questions about the Windsor jewels, but that interest has sharply spiked during the Diamond Jubilee year. I started the Sunday Brooch series to answer some of those questions, but that hasn’t stopped me from checking in daily with the Queen. I figured we might as well make this a public discussion, since heaven knows I am NOT an expert and anyway, the more attention we give to our fair Lilibet, the better (says me).

If you head over there now, you’ll find quite a bit of stuff:
  • My review of the newest book on the Queen's jewels.
  • All the details on the Queen’s activities and jewels during Holyrood Week (this past week in Scotland, including more on her jewels from the Thistle service).
  • Entries and jewel info dating back to the beginning of June. There are jewels covered over there that you’ve already seen here, but there are others already covered that you haven’t seen from me before.
What does this mean for this old blog? Just one thing: Sunday Brooch is now retired. These types of entries will be covered as the Queen wears her brooches on the new blog, instead of once a week here. I will also be covering past events there as time allows.

So there you have it! I hope you’ll follow the new blog and chime in. Talking to all of you is what makes this blogging thing fun.