23 July 2012

Royal Fashion Awards: Belgium's National Day

Saturday was National Day in Belgium, and as always the morning Te Deum and afternoon military parade brought hats, uniforms...and some slightly rambunctious children.

Best in Quick Changes
Princess Mathilde
Mathilde sported something like a crepe paper streamer version of those forward tilting hats the Duchess of Cambridge is so fond of (alas, I do not share their enthusiasm). And it drew particular attention to her hair, which I couldn't help but notice changed in the middle of the day. Just as her husband made a quick change between military uniforms, Mathilde took her hair down.

Best in Fab
Queen Fabiola
Yup, there she is, still trucking. What more can you say?

Best in Class Acts
Queen Paola
Very understated outfit from Paola today, but it's working. I suppose she's busy making sure her husband keeps his impaling to grates and not people, she doesn't need to fuss with the outfit.

Best in Standard
Princess Astrid
She always wears her uniform and she always wears it well, plus she brought along her smartly dressed hubby, Lorenz, and daughter, Laetitia Maria. End of the story, really.

Best in Hats
Princess Claire & Co.
Now that's a hat I can get down with - a real, proper hat. Love. Side tip of my own hat to the mischievous twins, Nicolas and Aymeric, who commandeered some chapeau action of their own. (Their father's sword was also commandeered for a moment...and we thought King Albert was hazardous with the weaponry! Cheeky monkeys, these two.)

Who's your best dressed at this year's National Day celebrations?

Photos: Belga/Isopix/Reuters