24 July 2012

Week in Review: The Duchess of Cambridge, 15-21 July

  1. a) Visiting an Olympic exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, 19 July, in b) Stella McCartney with c) a Cartier necklace. Loving the Stella, obviously (what’s not to love about a simple dress in a vibrant color – plus, she designed the kit for Team GB, so there you go). But sadly, I’m not digging the necklace. I know, serious jewelry, I ought to be in lurve…but instead of an Olympic ring tie-in, I think it looks like she brought her own medal. Eh. (The cost doesn't bother me, though. It’s not what I’d spend my £49,000 on, but I don’t care what you do with your £49,000. And if you think that’s “too much” to wear during the day, then you must turn a seriously blind eye to what the Queen wears each and every day, because the cost on any of those brooches would blow this necklace out of the water.)
Photos: AP/Stella McCartney/Cartier