17 August 2012

Another Important Question

Waaaay back in 2010, right after I started this blog and before Crown Princess Victoria's wedding, I whipped up a list of my personal top 10 royal wedding gowns. Since then, I’ve gotten two frequent questions:
  1. Are you nuts?! Where is {so and so's} gown and why is {whatsherface's} gown on there?!? (Answer: yes, I am nuts, are you new here? And also: Oy! It’s my list, man! I wouldn’t get mad at you for your list...ahem.)
  2. There have been so many royal weddings since then, do you ever want to change it?
And the answer there is, yes, I would change it now, but how about we hear from you instead? Much as we polled your top tiaras, it's time to poll the wedding gowns. So, tell me...

What are your personal top 10 best royal wedding dresses?

Go ahead, let me hear it: your top 10 ranked gowns. Leave your votes in the comments below, email me (orderofsplendor {at} hotmail {dot} com), or tweet at me (@orderofsplendor). I’ll leave it open for about a week.

But before you get busy, here’s another thing to consider: I didn’t ask what your favorite dresses are, but what the best dresses are. Maybe the two are the same, and that’s okay. But there’s another component to think about: what makes a great royal wedding dress? Food for thought.

If you need inspiration, check out the Royal Wedding Headquarters page, and go list crazy!

Update: Voting is now closed. Thanks everyone for your contributions!