07 August 2012

Royal Olympic Update: Days 7 and 8

Andddd we're baaaaack! Back to the Olympics shenanigans, picking up on Day 7 of the fun and games.

The equestrian arena proved to be a popular venue yet again, with the Oranges, Princess Beatrice and boyfriend Dave, and Princess Benedikte in the stands. And yet again they got drenched.
Hmm, let me see here...who wins the medal for rain fashion...shall we put it to a vote?
Royal competitor alert! Princess Nathalie and her horse Digby were up for Team Denmark. Princess Benedikte's daughter, a bronze medalist at the 2008 Olympics, competes in dressage.

Cycling was also popular with the Wessexes, Prince Michael, and the Princess Royal, though apparently it wasn't all that impressive. C'mon guys, cheer up, you're at the Olympics!
That's better. (And yes, Michael is wearing a suit. Prince Michael. I don't feel on a first name basis when he's dressed like that...at the Olympics. Loosen up, dude. And yes, Anne is wearing her sunglasses indoors. Does she also wear them at night? One can only hope.)

Those shades have a purpose, you know.
At Field Hockey
Easy to identify, see. Princess Anne will not be overlooked! (She will also not get excited and you can't make her.)

There was plenty of swimming fun to be had by all.
Anne check: still not impressed. But despite Anne's nonchalance, things were downright suspenseful in the Aquatics Centre.
Not even Kate's hair could save her from the agony! (I just assume the locks must have some sort of superpower.)
The Danes were there too and they brought snacks, so I'll be sitting with them.

Day 8 brought out even more royals but the main event was Athletics, or Track and Field if you like.
William and Kate, as well as Beatrice, Anne, and Tim, witnessed Team GB truly pick up speed in the medals and produce one of the most inspirational nights of competition yet.

There was plenty more athletic fun on Day 9 and beyond, which is where we will pick up tomorrow.

Photos: AP/Getty Images/Reuters