28 September 2012

Flashback Friday: Letizia's Greatest Hits

Princess Letizia turned 40 this month! Let's do as we do, then, and celebrate her with a parade of her sartorial bests: it's time for Letizia's greatest hits. Get your lists ready, here we go...

Sometimes Letizia's way of dress is a little too low key for my tastes, but there's no doubt that she can work a simple silhouette like nobody else. Just give me variety, and I'm a happy camper.
Simple's good, but I like a little lace on my Leti too: in the form of a fairy princess turn, a sweet day dress, a sparkly cocktail dress, an amazing mantilla, or a perfect christening outfit.
And red. Lots and lots of red. They say there's a perfect shade of red for everyone, but some just rock it better than others, and Letizia's in the club. In fact, her perfection in red directly contributes to my very favorite Letizia outfit of all time (so far, you know):
It's rare that a look without a tiara would win my love at a serious tiara event, but Letizia at Frederik and Mary's wedding was just fab. The hair, the use of jewels, the train...I loves it all.

What's your all time favorite Letizia outfit?

Photos: Abaca/Purepeople/Getty Images/Corbis